Trypiti, the village of the windmills

Trypiti is a traditional village over the ruins of the classical town of Klima. Many natural holes caused by the softness of the ground gave their name to the area (hollow in Grk. is "trypitos") and have been used in antiquity as burial grounds.

Characteristic are the windmills of Trypiti. Up to the 20th century they were used for the grinding of grain while nowadays most of them have been converted to comfortable and peaceful lodgings. Staying in the windmills is a unique experience. They are usually 3 floor buildings with very thick walls and big terraces from which you will enjoy exquisite sunsets.

The small square of the village is worth visiting for its great view to the bay especially at sunset while afterwards you may try tasty specialties at the close by tavernas and restaurants.

From Trypiti you may take a stroll to the Catacombs and the ancient city to visit the place where the famous statue of Venus de Milo (Aphrodite) was found and the Hellenistic theater which at present is under restoration. Further down by the sea is the picturesque Klima.