The route of the pirates: Kleftiko

Kleftiko, an old shelter of the pirates, is a bay surrounded by a cluster of white tiny, rocky islands that block its entrance and make it invisible by sea. Magnificent view, a cute small beach, crystal clear water, many caves to explore: certainly one of the most impressive sceneries of Milos.

Definitely a must visit place! The best way to reach Kleftiko is by boat. Long cruises follow the north route from Adamas to Kleftiko. The shorter ones, sail along the south coast starting from Provatas or Agia Kyriaki. Any route you choose will be fascinating. You will admire the beauty of the island's coast and have the chance to swim in many places you cannot reach by car.

But you may also choose an alternative path. The one dressed in green, covered with the evergreen Phoenicean Junipers. This is a hiking trail marked by the "Club of Mountain and Sea friends of Milos".