Plaka, the picturesque capital

During the 18th century serious illnesses caused the abandonment of the Old Chora (Zefyria). Its residents relocated to Kastro - the Castle - which then became the capital of Milos. The rapidly rising population soon had to face the problem of insufficient space and thus new villages started spreading around: Plaka which later on became the capital, Triovasaloi, Trypiti and Plakes.

Plaka (in Greek a level or plane region) is still the capital of Milos. The visitor can get lost among the numerous paved, picturesque alleys that were built according to the needs of the period of settlement, for protection against attacks, since piracy was still a common threat on the Aegean. "Marmara", her wide balcony, offers an amazing view to the entry of the harbor, especially at sunset.

Kastro (the Castle), a hill of steep height of 280 m, dominates the entry of the harbor.The Venetian family Sanoudoi, who since the 13th century AD had dominated the Cyclades and the Aegean, first inhabited Kastro and used it as a stronghold against pirates' attacks. The view of the island from the top will fascinate you. The number of steps you will have to climb won't really matter!