Best of Milos 2022

Places worth seeing… experiences worth living on the island of Milos, one of the most beautiful Greek islands: swim in turquoise waters, sail the infinite coast, walk on lunar-like trails, visit picturesque villages, salute the famous Venus, unveil small secrets, try exceptional flavors, enjoy the people’s hospitality, have the party of your life! Our team of enthusiastic Melians guides you step by step through a truly original journey on Milos.

Download the full issue in PDF format:
Best of Milos 2022 (PDF 25.0MB)

Walk Milos with “Best of Milos”

From the Timeline section you may download full copies of all “Best of Milos” editions during the past 15 years. A collection of the most interesting articles we have presented so far, like hiking routes, trails with maps, sites of geological or archaeological interest and more, are featured in the sections of this website for easy browsing and may be downloaded in full as pdf.