Sailing Milos

An activity you should not certainly miss is a boat tour to some of the most beautiful places of the island which you cannot easily reach by car!

Kleftiko is the most famous attraction of Milos. A small bay, on the SW coast, surrounded by an impressive cluster of white islets which has been used by pirates as a hideout. On the way to Kleftiko you will have the chance to swim in some of the nicest beaches and to visit Sykia, a natural arch cave with emerald waters.

Very interesting also, is a trip to Polyegos, a small island to the east of Milos and south of Kimolos. Polyegos has many nice sandy beaches, the most famous of which is the "Lighthouse beach" which is worth a hike to the old lighthouse with great views from high above. The "Turquoise waters" is another favored spot of Polyegos with no beach but splendid waters to dive into.

A trip to the North coast is appealing as well, even though most of these places can be accessed by car, but this is the only way to visit the islets "Glaronissia" (seagull islands), the volcanic nature of which creates extraordinary rock formations above and below the sea.

You may choose among many types of boats like sailing boats, catamarans or traditional wooden boats, in private or in group. Length and capacity also vary (10 to 50 passengers). Most tours start from the port of Adamas but there are also trips from Pollonia, Agia Kyriaki or Provatas.

The tours are either full day including a meal or half day offering appetizers. After sunset all boats are at their anchor places where the crews provide information about the routes and make reservations. You may also book at travel agencies.