Kalamos... where the earth is steaming!

A place that captures imagination! A bare mountaintop overlooking the south sea of Milos. There, in the galleries of an abandoned mine, the earth is steaming. Volcanic gases escaping to the atmosphere make us feel we are inside a boiling cauldron.

The low mountain of Kalamos rises above the western end of Agia Kyriaki. The area surrounding it, as well as all central and southeastern Milos, was created by the currently inactive Fyriplaka volcano which erupted 90,000 years ago. In fact, the biggest part of Milos was formed by volcanic activity. But only at Kalamos we may get a complete view of a crater.

Many alternative routes lead there. We have selected the western end of Agia Kyriaki beach as start and end point of our tour. When we reach the sea we turn right and take the path parallel to the sandy beach. Walking down for a few meters we find the starting point to our right. A wooden sign marks the trailhead.

The path, fairly easy to follow, has an intense uphill towards the northwest. We will walk through the external slope of the Fyriplaka volcanic cone. Thousands of years ago the volcano accumulated layers of cinder and ash on its slopes. The wind and the water together curved long vertical gullies on the hardened lava - some look like they have been cut with a razor. Impressive natural sculptures!