Best of Milos 2020

Milos is gaining more fame each year. The island keeps improving its range of services, travelers love it more and more, the international press turns the spotlight on us.

Here you may see the full list of articles or download a PDF copy of the 2020 edition.

Articles in this issue:

The boat house of my dreams: follow Christina on her quest to revive a magical old house by the sea with environment respect and lots of love!

The aromatic wines of Milos: take a taste tour to some very interesting wines, visit an impressive Cave Winery, relive the tradition at the fair of Ventema

The international press exalts the wonders of Milos! Delve into these articles to admire the unprecedented beauty of our island

Spice up your vacation:
- The Baths of Lakkos | Bomb Shelter of Adamas | The Ancient Theater
- Summer Theater Plays | SUMMER ART 20 | 2nd International Theater Festival

Download the full issue in PDF format:

Part A: Getting to know the island | Shopping, Wedding on Milos (PDF 25.0MB)

Part B: Everything you need for an amusing stay | What, Where and Why (PDF 13.8MB)