Sailing Milos

An activity you should not certainly miss is a boat tour to some of the most beautiful places of the island which you cannot easily reach by car!

Kleftiko is the most famous attraction of Milos. A small bay, on the SW coast, surrounded by an impressive cluster of white islets which has been used by pirates as a hideout. On the way to Kleftiko you will have the chance to swim in some of the nicest beaches and to visit Sykia, a natural arch cave with emerald waters.

Kalamos... where the earth is steaming!

A place that captures imagination! A bare mountaintop overlooking the south sea of Milos. There, in the galleries of an abandoned mine, the earth is steaming. Volcanic gases escaping to the atmosphere make us feel we are inside a boiling cauldron.

The mine at Vani: an industrial monument

Millions of years ago, Cape Vani was the bottom of a caldera on the seabed. Manganese was formed there, a light ashy colored metal, whose alloys are used in the manufacturing of hard and resistant forms of steel. In 1871, interest in the ore led to the exploration of the area where fossils of mammals that lived 3.5 to 2 million years ago such as dwarf elephants, were also found.

The Sulfur Mines at Paliorema

It is not easy to visit "Paliorema" (Grk. hostile river) as it stands surrounded by rocky mountains and steep cliffs. The visit however, is worth the effort not just for the scenery and the surviving facilities of the sulfur mines (Theiorychia), but mainly to appreciate the living and working conditions of the miners, who would be considered heroes today, due to the challenging and unsanitary conditions they had to endure.